Sunday, March 22, 2009

Site Reconstruction and Explanations

ok. so, some changes have occurred in my blog. let me try to explain some of them and while i'm at it, justify some of my disorganized posting...

the title was modified. it changed from 'Estudo num pais tropical' to 'Tempo urbano, latino e cosmopolita' because i didn't feel like the previous title had a specific relation to my time here. it was related to the lyrics of a very famous and good brazilian song - 'Pais Tropical by Jorge Ben Jor - and it was a funny joke when i thought about it. nevertheless, i did not feel like it was specific enough. My highschool Literature professor in Guatemala, Profesor Gabino, once told during class that the Title ought to be the shortest possible summary of the work it is representing.

i followed Gabino's advice. The new title is what i though best represents my semester abroad in São Paulo, Brazil - 'Urban, latin and cosmopolitan Time'

most of the people that follow my blog might have noticed that i have more delays than any northern hemisphere airport during the month of january. the reason why i take a long time is because sometimes i don't upload the pictures on time, or because i haven't finished writing all the details...

in addition to that, i always try to edit the ideas that i write. i don't like to say things that shouldn't be told openly since i understand that this is a public blog and i want to be as disrespectful and as authentic as i can. that is why it sometimes takes me longer to publish some of my postings, because i like to thoroughly reflect on the things i say. please note however that i edit only my ideas and not the language. i hope to be clear but many errors might slip my mind when reading this over and over again...

One more thing, up until now, i had decided to publish my postings in chronological order but i had about 8 or 10 postings waiting. these were postings that i had already edited but had yet not published only because i had not published the entry about Carnaval...

please trust me when i say, however, that those will be entries that are worth reading or at least skimming because they have good pictures and they explain how Carnaval works.

these are some of the titles of the still to come, postings which i have not yet finalized...
  • Carnaval in São Paulo
  • Florianopolis - the island, beaches and the argentinean carnaval
  • the final Desfile
  • Reflexions on Brazilian and Guatemalan cinema
  • My thoughts on other blogs
  • Baladas... - nightlife in São Paulo
  • some of São Paulo's pollution ironies
  • Perfiles - I and II
  • My very first time ... - danger in the streets
  • Churrascaria time
  • Violencia - random thoughts...
  • Aula de Corrupção
i hope this explanation helps... and sorry to overwhelm you with my suddenly posted entries.

boa noite galera

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